Monday, May 17, 2010

Where's Waldo?

I had a GREAT time this weekend. It was TBG's nephew's graduation (you may remember him from a previous post). There were TBG-relatives everywhere this week--all the way from Florida. I greeted, I played, I did commands with different leaders...I also had some really good alone time in my crate--up to five hours when TBG and SWMBO had to be gone for the commencement. They were really excited that there weren't any little presents waiting for them upon their arrival home. Huh! I am almost five months old, you know.

Anyway, one of the fun things I did this weekend was to go to K-State. I was too young to go for the K-State For All! event--yea, remember that? Well, I got to go, finally, and I walked around campus in the rain and had to work really hard on my prey drive. Those squirrels were absolutely daring me!

Oh! And, I did steps everywhere. It was like TBG and SWMBO have a fixation on steps...concrete steps outdoors, 2 flights; tiled steps indoors, 3 flights (don't worry--it was the building where SWMBO works and we have permission--plus, I was wearing my cape); and these fantastic grated stairs that you can see through. I went up and down before I caught on that you could see through them. I gave a little startle when I realized it, but what the heck, I'd already done two flights! So SWMBO and TBG really made me work and had me do sits and downs on each of the landings. Yea, I worked for my kibble that day. That's me and TBG on those stairs...

So, OK, what about Waldo? Well, there is this absolutely cool little area on campus in front of one of the buildings, and the iris flowers were in bloom, so we took a picture. But actually you can barely see me! And, where's SWMBO? We have our own little Where's Waldo photo right here!

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