Monday, May 24, 2010

Belle, Is That You?

Another busy friend Belle came to visit on Saturday afternoon. She's not so gigantic anymore, did you know? The most fun thing was that we tried out the agility equipment together. I taught her the tunnel. She's a natural! We even went over the jumps--in tandem. That was fun.

On Sunday, the humans had this thing called a ski-n-feed. We spent the whole day out at the lake. There were a lot of people there, including little-itty-bitty humans. Belle was there too, and another humongous dog called "Meat" and a boxer puppy younger than me! Belle tried to introduce me to the water. She's like a Portuguese Water Dog or something. I wasn't buying. I mean, I went in up to my chest, but that swimming thing? I don't think so! Maybe later this summer when the water heats up a little...and I'm a little bigger...

But, did I mention that I'm tir'd! Really, really, wiped out this Monday morning? Two full days of non-stop excitement and training and I need a rest! It's all I can do to raise my paws to the keyboard this morning.

See ya'!

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