Sunday, May 2, 2010


That's what it was...complete and utter chaos. We heard at puppy class about puppy play time hosted by one of the stores in Manhattan. SWMBO (She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed) and TBG (The Big Guy) and I thought it sounded like fun. Since I had my last round of shots this week (I had SUCH a good time at the vet's...really, I did) ...we decided to see what it was all about.

Chaos! (Did I mention that?). There must have been at least 16 puppies packed in to this little pen inside of the store, with a bunch of toys scattered around and humans sitting and standing everywhere and puppies whizzing on the floor (not me, of course) and one pup even lifted his leg and peed on a human who didn't even notice until it was too late! Where was that owner?

SWMBO said I was quite the little assertive thing...thought the English mastiff puppy at 5 months looked like a pal, so I kept instigating play with him (that's him in the picture). He'd give it a go for a while and then get tired, so the bulldog and I loped around the pen together. This bigger yellow lab really took a liking to me and wouldn't leave me alone. SWMBO stepped in and rescued me...we took off before play time was over. I was exhausted!

Guess it was good socialization, but altogether, I'd rather play with my CCI puppy pals or my friend Belle!


  1. Playtime can be trecherous! Ask any human "puppy" and they will tell you that some other young ones want to dominate the toys and the interactions. Yes, best to stay with those you know and to make a few good friends who don't whizz on humans. We want you to have good role models and friends so that you grow up to be the best CCI companion ever just like Jeb!

  2. Why does it look like you are playing with an oversized cat?


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