Monday, May 31, 2010

Went swim'n at the lake

Well, SWMBO and TBG have been after me to get over my fear of swimming. We headed out to the lake today.......without the boat I might add (I have GOT to drive that thing) and stopped at the boat ramp with the nice dock. TBG put on his wetsuit and headed out into the chilly water. After I stopped laughing and rolling around in the shallow water (he looked like a beached whale), Deb tossed a stick out in the water and I ventured out to get it. The big guy was out there ready to help me and I kinda just floated around for a little while.

TBG decided it was time for the inner Lab to make an entrance, so with the help of those heavenly treats, better known as Marty's magical peanut butter snacks......I headed out to the deep water. We went back and forth, from the shore to where the fat guy was treading water 5 times. I got pretty tired and called it a day.

We headed back to the house, had a bath and slept pretty much since then. I think another nap is headed my way as soon as I click "publish post"

Me and Brie

Had soooo much fun yesterday (I say that a lot, don't I?)

We went to Topeka, to one of SWMBO and TBG's friend's new home to help with the move. TBG had a list (quite typical for him!) and SWMBO basically had dog-duty (which worked out good for me).

I met Brie there. Brie was one of Jeb's best buds, and is also a CCI facility dog. What a great old guy! He let me romp and steal the toys from him, and basically put up with me! I also met two other dogs, and lots of people, and had different handlers...I was able to sit still when a young kid on an automatic scooter rode by us on the sidewalk. I also went up and down the deck stairs--which are open! SWMBO and TBG got really excited again. They really should work on that stair-obsession they have! It was basically a great day!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pics from Last Week

Here are some fun photos from my time with Belle!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


WOW! Did I receive a nice surprise in the mail yesterday! Aunt Linda sent me a whole box filled with Marty's Magical Peanut Butter Dog Treats! For those of you who have not tried this ambrosia from the gods, you are really missing out. I do not think I exaggerate when I tell you that they are truly magical. They move me to attempt great and wondrous feats!

Belle was here this weekend, you know, so I DID end up giving her one of MY bags of treats. I knew we were low, but I guess we were actually on our last crumbs...

Thanks so much Aunt Linda! You rock!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Update to previous post

Here it is, almost 4pm, some 7 hours after Ansel's last post..........he's still sleeping off the weekend! You'd think he lives a hard life, LOL

Belle, Is That You?

Another busy friend Belle came to visit on Saturday afternoon. She's not so gigantic anymore, did you know? The most fun thing was that we tried out the agility equipment together. I taught her the tunnel. She's a natural! We even went over the jumps--in tandem. That was fun.

On Sunday, the humans had this thing called a ski-n-feed. We spent the whole day out at the lake. There were a lot of people there, including little-itty-bitty humans. Belle was there too, and another humongous dog called "Meat" and a boxer puppy younger than me! Belle tried to introduce me to the water. She's like a Portuguese Water Dog or something. I wasn't buying. I mean, I went in up to my chest, but that swimming thing? I don't think so! Maybe later this summer when the water heats up a little...and I'm a little bigger...

But, did I mention that I'm tir'd! Really, really, wiped out this Monday morning? Two full days of non-stop excitement and training and I need a rest! It's all I can do to raise my paws to the keyboard this morning.

See ya'!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Where's Waldo?

I had a GREAT time this weekend. It was TBG's nephew's graduation (you may remember him from a previous post). There were TBG-relatives everywhere this week--all the way from Florida. I greeted, I played, I did commands with different leaders...I also had some really good alone time in my crate--up to five hours when TBG and SWMBO had to be gone for the commencement. They were really excited that there weren't any little presents waiting for them upon their arrival home. Huh! I am almost five months old, you know.

Anyway, one of the fun things I did this weekend was to go to K-State. I was too young to go for the K-State For All! event--yea, remember that? Well, I got to go, finally, and I walked around campus in the rain and had to work really hard on my prey drive. Those squirrels were absolutely daring me!

Oh! And, I did steps everywhere. It was like TBG and SWMBO have a fixation on steps...concrete steps outdoors, 2 flights; tiled steps indoors, 3 flights (don't worry--it was the building where SWMBO works and we have permission--plus, I was wearing my cape); and these fantastic grated stairs that you can see through. I went up and down before I caught on that you could see through them. I gave a little startle when I realized it, but what the heck, I'd already done two flights! So SWMBO and TBG really made me work and had me do sits and downs on each of the landings. Yea, I worked for my kibble that day. That's me and TBG on those stairs...

So, OK, what about Waldo? Well, there is this absolutely cool little area on campus in front of one of the buildings, and the iris flowers were in bloom, so we took a picture. But actually you can barely see me! And, where's SWMBO? We have our own little Where's Waldo photo right here!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Would Be Your Choice?

OK, first things first. I am sad and excited today.

My CCI friends are in Delaware Ohio RIGHT NOW, getting "turned in". This is such a big transition for everybody. I know things will be different for everyone, and there is this entire mix of laughter and hope and tears and trepediation...that will be me next August! Imagine! OK, so enough of the sad stuff.

I have met a lot of new people and animals this week. I even was introduced to my first baby. And, when I say baby, I mean, like barely-born-baby! That was one brave mom. She just plopped right on the floor with Allison and let me sniff and look and, yes--lick--. I was well-behaved all-in-all though.

But, that is not my point; I digress. I met TWO particualrly interesting, uh, entities this week. I have posted the pictures below. Which one would you choose to cuddle with?

You can see my choice!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mowing the Grass

Well, here it is another Sunday. I heard TBG talking about how it was high time I started pulling my weight around here and the next thing you know, he has me outside explaining the operation of the tractor and mower!

He was going on and on about all kinds of stuff, but all I heard was wah, wah, waaaaah.....blaaaa, dee, blabbity blah, steering wheel........blah blah, blaaaaa pedal makes it move forward and backwards.

I hopped up in the drivers seat and took off mowing.

Only made it one lap around the yard and when I got back to where I started, TBG was there jumping up and down, pointing at the ground. I stopped the tractor and "checked in". He says I ran over one of the cedar trees they had planted. I was sure that I didn't and just sat there in disbelief.

Needless to say, my mowing days were short & sweet, but it sure was fun wreaking havoc with TBG's toy ;^)

Saturday, May 8, 2010


You have got to be kidding me! Four--count 'em, four--bags of Marty's Magical Peanut Butter Dog Treats? Jackpot!!

How did such a thing happen, I hear you asking? And, did any of my other CCI friends get any, or did I run off with the whole basket?

Well, yesterday was a CCI puppy workshop in Kansas City. The big dogs were here from the North Central Region (oh, I slay myself! Get it?--the big dogs?). Ummmm...OK. Focus! Focus!

So! We drove to KC and during the events of the evening (amid eating, musical beds, trivia, and learning stuff) there was this miscommunication between SWMBO (who picked up a bag of treats for me) and TBG (who also picked up a bag for me). Another CCI member told SWMBO that she certainly should take TWO bags of treats home, since it might be a while before my stock would be replenished! Then, it was suggested that my friend, Belle, might like a bag of treats! (Sure, she'll see THAT!)

I figure, with four bags of treats, I ought to be able leap tall buildings in a single bound pretty soon!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun

In puppy class, we were introduced to some agility equipment...good for building confidence and burning excess energy! Well, I must say, that tunnel is fun, fun, fun! I ran so hard and so fast through that thing...well, I knocked TBG over (he was supposed to "catch" me at the end (HA!).

I guess SWMBO and TBG saw this as a possible exercise strategy, 'cause next thing I know, I have my own little agility course set up in the round pen! Weave poles, a set of three ("little dog") jumps, 18' tunnel, of course! I ran and ran and ran! I ran through the! Turned around and ran through it again....zag! I ran and ran and ran! Then, I got a little tired, so I slowed to a jog. Then, I was so tired, I was walking through the tunnel...but I sure didn't want to quit!

I think they are on to something...

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've been getting lots of comments lately about how big I'm SWMBO and TBG got this bright idea of measuring me...kinda. Remember my very, very first picture ever in Kansas? I was 11 weeks old, on the kitchen rug, and looked as cute as a button? Of course you remember, but just in case I posted it below.

SWMBO and TBG just took that very same picture today, right before I turn 18 weeks old. You can see how much I've grown! I don't know what was so funny, but when the humans looked at those two pictures together, they started giggling (SWMBO) and guffawing (TBG) and wondering when I grew so big! Then they started calling me Stretch...

BTW, be sure to tune in tomorrow--I have more cool "tails" to tell!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back Again and Because I Can

Ansel and The Big Guy

Ansel Outside

Lip Smackin' Good

Listen...Do You Smell Something?

My Impression of...?

Meet My Friend, Dozer!

Can you believe it? Act I of Puppy Class is almost over. Next week is my last week, so I thought I'd best not wait any longer to introduce you to one of my best pals, Dozer. I forget what kind of dog he is, actually, but his personality is Laid-back...with a Capital L!!

Although, I must say, we do like to play before puppy class and work out any extra energy. Here I am practicing my assistance dog skills by taking him for a walk. He's a good sport, so he helps me out with this role-playing activity...don't worry, TBG and SWMBO didn't let me chew on his leash for long...

Sunday, May 2, 2010


That's what it was...complete and utter chaos. We heard at puppy class about puppy play time hosted by one of the stores in Manhattan. SWMBO (She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed) and TBG (The Big Guy) and I thought it sounded like fun. Since I had my last round of shots this week (I had SUCH a good time at the vet's...really, I did) ...we decided to see what it was all about.

Chaos! (Did I mention that?). There must have been at least 16 puppies packed in to this little pen inside of the store, with a bunch of toys scattered around and humans sitting and standing everywhere and puppies whizzing on the floor (not me, of course) and one pup even lifted his leg and peed on a human who didn't even notice until it was too late! Where was that owner?

SWMBO said I was quite the little assertive thing...thought the English mastiff puppy at 5 months looked like a pal, so I kept instigating play with him (that's him in the picture). He'd give it a go for a while and then get tired, so the bulldog and I loped around the pen together. This bigger yellow lab really took a liking to me and wouldn't leave me alone. SWMBO stepped in and rescued me...we took off before play time was over. I was exhausted!

Guess it was good socialization, but altogether, I'd rather play with my CCI puppy pals or my friend Belle!