Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Would Be Your Choice?

OK, first things first. I am sad and excited today.

My CCI friends are in Delaware Ohio RIGHT NOW, getting "turned in". This is such a big transition for everybody. I know things will be different for everyone, and there is this entire mix of laughter and hope and tears and trepediation...that will be me next August! Imagine! OK, so enough of the sad stuff.

I have met a lot of new people and animals this week. I even was introduced to my first baby. And, when I say baby, I mean, like barely-born-baby! That was one brave mom. She just plopped right on the floor with Allison and let me sniff and look and, yes--lick--. I was well-behaved all-in-all though.

But, that is not my point; I digress. I met TWO particualrly interesting, uh, entities this week. I have posted the pictures below. Which one would you choose to cuddle with?

You can see my choice!

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