Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Went for a walk in town

We (well, not me) decided to go into town for a walk this evening. Parked in town and headed out on the river walk. Stopped by the KAW Mission and met the volunteer. She was very nice!

Walked back to Main Street and headed over to the Subway for dinner. Can you believe they made me wait till I got home to eat? Yeah...I know...crazy huh!

Anyway, while we were on our walk I got to practice my jumps, ups and polite greetings. Here's a picture of me on a small stone bench.

Basic Obedience Class

Classes started back up last week, but TBG forgot to take a camera. I made sure he had one last night and managed to get a shot of a couple of fellow classmates.

Then, while we were doing the "submission" lesson, Deb snapped up a pic of me in a...well...compromising position. Thank goodness the blog self censors (if you know what I mean)! Maybe I need to get some pants to wear for class :>0

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Why I Like Visiting the Nursing Home

5. Me and SWMBO leave TBG at home.
4. Everyone says I'm handsome.
3. Everyone says I'm handsome (oh, did I say that already?).
2. It makes SWMBO happy, and when SWMBO's happy....
1. Have you seen the photo?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Went to Old Settlers' Day at Alta Vista

I was looking forward to getting out of the house today, so we went to Alta Vista to the Old Settlers' Day Festivities. I had heard that there would be all kinds of fun and games going on, arts & crafts and a motorcycle show!

We got there and headed to the bikes. There were lots of really cool motorcycles. I asked if I could go for a ride, but TBG put the kibosh on that. I got to meet some really nice people and one guy (Dennis) was really interested in what I'm all about. Maybe he will decide to become a volunteer puppy raiser (*wink, wink*).

Here's a pic of me with one of the cool bikes. Sure hope they all made it to a safe place before the storm hit.

We then headed over to where the arts & crafts and kids games were, but there was a storm coming in and folks were taking everything down and heading for cover. I said I wasn't ready to leave quite yet so we headed on over and watched some guys playing horseshoes...they were gooooood!

Deb did some work on my commands.

and then the rain started and lightning was popping all around so we headed back to the car. On the way home I had TBG stop and take a pic of the coming storm.

We just pulled into the garage when it all cut loose. Very strong winds, hail and rain where you couldn't see 5 feet in front of you. Just to be safe, I convinced Deb to head for the basement and we stayed there for a few minutes. Came back upstairs and here's what it looked like after the "bad" stuff had passed.

Besides a huge limb down off of one of the trees, no other damage from the storm. Kansas sure does have strange weather!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Tribute from a Friend-of-Jeb

Sometimes, in order to move forward, we must remember the past, even if it is bittersweet. Below you will find a tribute that was written by an FOJ in September 2006, after Jeb left his post working with students (and faculty) in higher education in Oregon to move to Kansas. This September, that FOJ is welcoming a new cohort of students, and let me know that she is thinking of us by sharing the tribute with me once again. I am warmed...comforted...and I hope her sentiment resonates with all of you who have experienced loss.

Dear Diary,

I got up after a fitful night of sleep. Anticipation of the first day of classes always finds me excited and anxious. Everything is possible. It is a new beginning. I dress in the morning in my best khaki pants, knowing there will be some tail-wagging, heavy breathing, and leaning when I arrive on campus. There are others, beside myself, who look forward to seeing old familiar faces!

When I finally find a parking place in the busy lot I grab my full tote bag and head into the building. When I put things away in my office, I notice the empty space in the bottom drawer where there used to be a chew toy. The morning goes by slowly and is full of phone calls and prepping for my courses. There are no heavy sighs behind me but I continue.

I eat lunch and remind myself to get up out of my chair and take a walk. I grab a plastic bag and put it in my pocket. As I head out of the building I am disappointed that those I meet along the sidewalk do not light up, smile, stoop and say "good dog". It's been a hard summer so I guess I'm just not as attractive as I used to be. As I walk the familiar trail around Cascades Hall I feel a tug on my arm and the impulse to go "off-road" and smell every juniper, sage, and rabbit brush along the way. I stop and take the bag out of my pocket and pick up a couple of pinecones and knot the bag.

Upon returning to my office, I look down and notice that my pants still have a crease and are not covered in hair. I guess I'll be able to wear them again later in the week if I don't drop coffee in my lap this afternoon.

Somehow, this start-up day just isn't doing it for me. I guess there is something missing but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Maybe tomorrow...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Proofing the Human

Went to K-State twice this past week. Practiced my commands, especially in the bathroom there. It's pretty tough, because they are extra narrow. So we're working on under, wait, turn, sit, down, and I'm doing great--if I do say so myself!

Right at the end of the day, as we are heading home, we go in, we enter the stall, we (censored), and I'm in my sit. I wait patiently. She has my leash, I'm on the left side. All is well.

And then...

SWMBO just...walks out of the stall and I'm thinking, "What the heck?" Yea, I know, can you believe it? SHE FORGOT TO GIVE ME A COMMAND!! I watch her walk, and walk, and walk, and I'm thinking, wait for it....wait for it...but NO! She gets to the end of my leash and BAM! She almost pulls my head right off my neck. Think...headless dogman!

I mean, any other dog would have just given up this human's training and saved themselves, but not me! So, SWMBO looks back at me with my neck stretched out like a giraffe's and says...get this..."whoops!". I mean, really, "whoops?" Who says 'whoops' anymore anyway?

Then she says (to her benefit), "Oh my. Good dog, Ansel, good dog," and then mumbles something about my fault...forgot Let's Go command...what a good dog..." and I'm thinking, "d@!! straight, your fault, SWMBO! And who's in training, anyway?"

Here is a picture of me under the sink after I proofed my human, trying to get my neck to shrink back to its normal size.

Friday, September 17, 2010

We have a Newbie!

Just received a picture of our newest Kansas City member......Meet Lassiter.

It had to happen sooner or later, but with Lassiter and Putnam joining us, I'm not the best look'n pup anymore (heavy sigh).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Great Photo, If I Do Say So Myself!

Thanks to Aunt Linda for sharing this great photo of me--reading again! Maybe I will end up as a facility dog with a teacher in a classroom for children with special needs. That's an exciting dream!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Went to the race track yesterday

TBG took his car to the track again yesterday. Deb and I followed a few hours later. I got to meet TBG's friends and as a bonus, they let me take Dean for a walk. He did pretty good holding the other end of the leash. I think he'd make a fine puppy raiser!

We didn't stay too long. I guess TBG was not having a good day. He only managed a few laps before something in the motor "let go". Poor guy, he's had a bad year at the track with all the rain and breakdowns. I did my best to cheer him up...nothing more calming then a cute dog's head in your lap available for petting.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Challenge Air

WOW!!! What a day!

We drove to Kansas City this morning to attend the Challenge Air event at the downtown airport. This event started way back in 1992 and is held all over the country. It gives people with disabilities the opportunity to learn about and fly in small airplanes and jets.


When we arrived I saw that my buddy and fellow CCI pup, Raj, was already there and work'n! We met lots of humans today and got to do some serious "distraction" work.

Here's a pic of the table we had set up and also a pic of Raj working.

Here are a couple of pictures showing the various planes and jets that were there.

I tried to get get in on one of the flights, and even went through flight school, but I was unable to sneak into the left seat!

I did however, convince TBG (The Big Guy) to go with me for a ride on the hovercraft. You can see that I had to hold down Mr. Chicken.

Just so you don't think it was all fun and games, I did manage to get a visit in! Nothing like a good day's work.

Here's me and Raj checking out another famous dog.

and........what happens to said dog when the humans look away!

Last but not least, here's a picture of TBG with a "real" Shelby Mustang. She was a golden retriever and was with one of the puppy raisers from KSDS who were also at the event. Shelby was sure a cutie...hubba hubba.

After that busy day, I laid down and took a nap. I think I dreamed about fast Mustangs (wink, wink).

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 3 & 4 of our excellent adventure

We made it back to good ole' Council Grove. Had a LOT of fun, met lots of new people, places and dogs.

Sunday started off with with a LONG walk. Here's Lynn and Captain Mike and then Shiloh and Gina. Not sure what I was saying to Shiloh, but I was obviously YELLING!

Then we went back to the house and enjoyed some culinary delights. Something that the Capt'n called Burned Blueberry Pancakes. Whatever, I wasn't allowed to eat them, but they sure smelled good.

I spent a lot of time out back playing catch with Mike, Shiloh and Gina. I guess I should be a little more descriptive when I say "catch". In reality, it was more like Mike would wind up....and wind up......and windup.....you get the picture. If not, check these out. You'll notice that at no time does the ball leave Mike's hand!

We got up early Monday morning, had some breakfast, said our thank you's and goodbye's and piled into the blue bomb for the long trip home.
The drive back was uneventful for the most part. We stopped at a cemetery for a break and I got to see some cool headstones.

Our final stop, we stopped in a nice grassy area, but I saw this sign and the scofflaw in me came out!

We made it back and TBG took me out for some much needed running. What an exciting weekend. Special thanks to our hosts Lynn and Mike. They went over the top putting up with me and my puppy playfulness!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 2 of Ansel & Deb's Excellent Adventure

Finally got to a computer to post about yesterday.

Let's just say it was one FULL day of work and play. Got up Sat morning, went for a long walk with my new buds Shiloh and Gina and then took a little break in the back yard.

Got to lounge around with Deb's sister Lynn.

We loaded up the blue bomb and headed over to Deb's other sister's house for Ryan's birthday party. Here's a shot of me, Ryan and Rachel.

Deb gave Rachel some "school'n" on my commands and then Rachel spent the afternoon working with me. Not too bad a job as pack leader for a newbie! We went for another loooooooong walk and more play time. Here are a couple pics of Rachel feeding me and working on "lap".

When it was time to head back last night, I had gone into a much needed.....deep sleep. I think I scared Deb cause when I finally woke up, she had this terrified look on her face like I was dead or something. Can't a guy ever get some shuteye?

Friday, September 3, 2010

We made it to TBG's Homeland!

Deb and I headed out early this morning on our road trip to Indianapolis. We could go about 110-120 miles till I got too antsy and needed to stop and exercise my legs.

Our first stop was in Missouri at a choke-n-puke. What an appropriate name!

There was also this huge tree that I really wanted to "initiate"

Our second stop was near St.Louis. Deb saw this quiet lake setting and I got to roam around for a few minutes.

Our final stop before arriving at Deb's sister's house was at a Church. It had a very nice garden, so I talked Deb into checking it out.

That's it for today, I'm dog tired (I slay myself even when in foreign lands). The adventure continues tomorrow!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gentle Creatures

Is meeting a butterfly on the CCI checklist of "things-to-do" for puppy-raisers? If not, it should be! These gentle creatures were awesome (the butterfly, and the small human who showed it to me). Thank you, Gentle Butterfly and Small Human, for a great day!