Saturday, September 11, 2010

Challenge Air

WOW!!! What a day!

We drove to Kansas City this morning to attend the Challenge Air event at the downtown airport. This event started way back in 1992 and is held all over the country. It gives people with disabilities the opportunity to learn about and fly in small airplanes and jets.

When we arrived I saw that my buddy and fellow CCI pup, Raj, was already there and work'n! We met lots of humans today and got to do some serious "distraction" work.

Here's a pic of the table we had set up and also a pic of Raj working.

Here are a couple of pictures showing the various planes and jets that were there.

I tried to get get in on one of the flights, and even went through flight school, but I was unable to sneak into the left seat!

I did however, convince TBG (The Big Guy) to go with me for a ride on the hovercraft. You can see that I had to hold down Mr. Chicken.

Just so you don't think it was all fun and games, I did manage to get a visit in! Nothing like a good day's work.

Here's me and Raj checking out another famous dog.

and........what happens to said dog when the humans look away!

Last but not least, here's a picture of TBG with a "real" Shelby Mustang. She was a golden retriever and was with one of the puppy raisers from KSDS who were also at the event. Shelby was sure a cutie...hubba hubba.

After that busy day, I laid down and took a nap. I think I dreamed about fast Mustangs (wink, wink).

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