Sunday, September 19, 2010

Proofing the Human

Went to K-State twice this past week. Practiced my commands, especially in the bathroom there. It's pretty tough, because they are extra narrow. So we're working on under, wait, turn, sit, down, and I'm doing great--if I do say so myself!

Right at the end of the day, as we are heading home, we go in, we enter the stall, we (censored), and I'm in my sit. I wait patiently. She has my leash, I'm on the left side. All is well.

And then...

SWMBO just...walks out of the stall and I'm thinking, "What the heck?" Yea, I know, can you believe it? SHE FORGOT TO GIVE ME A COMMAND!! I watch her walk, and walk, and walk, and I'm thinking, wait for it....wait for it...but NO! She gets to the end of my leash and BAM! She almost pulls my head right off my neck. Think...headless dogman!

I mean, any other dog would have just given up this human's training and saved themselves, but not me! So, SWMBO looks back at me with my neck stretched out like a giraffe's and says...get this..."whoops!". I mean, really, "whoops?" Who says 'whoops' anymore anyway?

Then she says (to her benefit), "Oh my. Good dog, Ansel, good dog," and then mumbles something about my fault...forgot Let's Go command...what a good dog..." and I'm thinking, "d@!! straight, your fault, SWMBO! And who's in training, anyway?"

Here is a picture of me under the sink after I proofed my human, trying to get my neck to shrink back to its normal size.


  1. Dear Ansel,

    Please tell SWMBO that this process is not unlike being a human parent. Both the child and the parent are teaching and learning all the time. It is not a one-way street. Thanks for being such a patient and capable teacher for our girl....


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