Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 3 & 4 of our excellent adventure

We made it back to good ole' Council Grove. Had a LOT of fun, met lots of new people, places and dogs.

Sunday started off with with a LONG walk. Here's Lynn and Captain Mike and then Shiloh and Gina. Not sure what I was saying to Shiloh, but I was obviously YELLING!

Then we went back to the house and enjoyed some culinary delights. Something that the Capt'n called Burned Blueberry Pancakes. Whatever, I wasn't allowed to eat them, but they sure smelled good.

I spent a lot of time out back playing catch with Mike, Shiloh and Gina. I guess I should be a little more descriptive when I say "catch". In reality, it was more like Mike would wind up....and wind up......and get the picture. If not, check these out. You'll notice that at no time does the ball leave Mike's hand!

We got up early Monday morning, had some breakfast, said our thank you's and goodbye's and piled into the blue bomb for the long trip home.
The drive back was uneventful for the most part. We stopped at a cemetery for a break and I got to see some cool headstones.

Our final stop, we stopped in a nice grassy area, but I saw this sign and the scofflaw in me came out!

We made it back and TBG took me out for some much needed running. What an exciting weekend. Special thanks to our hosts Lynn and Mike. They went over the top putting up with me and my puppy playfulness!


  1. It was fun to meet you at Challenge Air today. Thanks for coming over and saying "hi". I linked to your blog from mine (or am working on the post now) and I added you to my blogroll! :D

  2. Lisa, could you please provide us with your blog address. I can't get it by your name/link.

  3. No problem.
    Ansel was much braver than Hosta on that Hovercraft! :D


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