Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 2 of Ansel & Deb's Excellent Adventure

Finally got to a computer to post about yesterday.

Let's just say it was one FULL day of work and play. Got up Sat morning, went for a long walk with my new buds Shiloh and Gina and then took a little break in the back yard.

Got to lounge around with Deb's sister Lynn.

We loaded up the blue bomb and headed over to Deb's other sister's house for Ryan's birthday party. Here's a shot of me, Ryan and Rachel.

Deb gave Rachel some "school'n" on my commands and then Rachel spent the afternoon working with me. Not too bad a job as pack leader for a newbie! We went for another loooooooong walk and more play time. Here are a couple pics of Rachel feeding me and working on "lap".

When it was time to head back last night, I had gone into a much needed.....deep sleep. I think I scared Deb cause when I finally woke up, she had this terrified look on her face like I was dead or something. Can't a guy ever get some shuteye?

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