Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ansel's Monthly Report!

We were on pins and needles today, waiting to hear from Ansel's trainer! She says that Ansel continues to progress with the commands, that he is doing well and she enjoys working with him. She said that he seems to have a nice responsiveness to correction and motivation. She has some concerns about about, ah, the evacuation product and is watching that. He was noted to have the same behaviors as last month...anxiety, whining, forging, rough play with other dogs, licking (what a surprise!--NOT!)and a few others. Our next progress report, assuming Ansel continues to do well, will be an actual telephone call on January 25. Graduation is slated for February 17th--NOTE! NOT February 10th. CCI has had conflicting dates regarding this graduation ceremony!

For fun: one of my favorite pictures with Ansel!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What I am Working Toward...Meet Crisp!

OK, so I am a truant today! But the black market here (don't ask...pig ears, ice cubes, and fuzzy beds are popular items) just delivered this news, and I had to share. It is so motivating, so inspiring, and it makes being here at boot camp so worth it...if I can just be like Crisp!

Crisp was graduating just as I turned in last August, so I got to see him work with his person. And SWMBO and TBG got to talk with him and his peeps too!|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Look at Me!

Geezopetes everyone! I mean, I love it here and everything, but it is a bit like boot camp. No time to breathe, much less sneak away to talk with my adoring fans! Speaking of adorable, the puparazzi snuck in a few weeks ago and managed to catch a few shots of me. Here they are!

Gotta run!