Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun

In puppy class, we were introduced to some agility equipment...good for building confidence and burning excess energy! Well, I must say, that tunnel is fun, fun, fun! I ran so hard and so fast through that thing...well, I knocked TBG over (he was supposed to "catch" me at the end (HA!).

I guess SWMBO and TBG saw this as a possible exercise strategy, 'cause next thing I know, I have my own little agility course set up in the round pen! Weave poles, a set of three ("little dog") jumps, 18' tunnel, of course! I ran and ran and ran! I ran through the! Turned around and ran through it again....zag! I ran and ran and ran! Then, I got a little tired, so I slowed to a jog. Then, I was so tired, I was walking through the tunnel...but I sure didn't want to quit!

I think they are on to something...

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