Monday, May 31, 2010

Me and Brie

Had soooo much fun yesterday (I say that a lot, don't I?)

We went to Topeka, to one of SWMBO and TBG's friend's new home to help with the move. TBG had a list (quite typical for him!) and SWMBO basically had dog-duty (which worked out good for me).

I met Brie there. Brie was one of Jeb's best buds, and is also a CCI facility dog. What a great old guy! He let me romp and steal the toys from him, and basically put up with me! I also met two other dogs, and lots of people, and had different handlers...I was able to sit still when a young kid on an automatic scooter rode by us on the sidewalk. I also went up and down the deck stairs--which are open! SWMBO and TBG got really excited again. They really should work on that stair-obsession they have! It was basically a great day!


  1. Looks like Ansel's tongue is a lot longer than Brie's. Is this any indication of how big Ansel will be when he's grown up?

  2. "to help with the move..." what move? tell me that Ansel has NO MOVES in his near future, please...

  3. Brie was moving into a new house!

  4. A lab who has to be coaxed to swim... hilarious. The wonder in Ansel's voice is the sweetest thing to behold. We are cracking up here reading his blog. Keep it up! (thanks)


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