Saturday, May 8, 2010


You have got to be kidding me! Four--count 'em, four--bags of Marty's Magical Peanut Butter Dog Treats? Jackpot!!

How did such a thing happen, I hear you asking? And, did any of my other CCI friends get any, or did I run off with the whole basket?

Well, yesterday was a CCI puppy workshop in Kansas City. The big dogs were here from the North Central Region (oh, I slay myself! Get it?--the big dogs?). Ummmm...OK. Focus! Focus!

So! We drove to KC and during the events of the evening (amid eating, musical beds, trivia, and learning stuff) there was this miscommunication between SWMBO (who picked up a bag of treats for me) and TBG (who also picked up a bag for me). Another CCI member told SWMBO that she certainly should take TWO bags of treats home, since it might be a while before my stock would be replenished! Then, it was suggested that my friend, Belle, might like a bag of treats! (Sure, she'll see THAT!)

I figure, with four bags of treats, I ought to be able leap tall buildings in a single bound pretty soon!


  1. You keep eating those treats and you'll be the big dog whose belly drags on the floor. Leap tall buildings my foot! If this picture is any measure of things, I think you are going to be even bigger than Jeb. I just wish you would stop frowning - you are going to get wrinkles just like me.
    Grandma Joyce

  2. It's so rewarding for me to know how much the CCI pups enjoy my peanut butter dog treats. There is nothing else that comes out of my kitchen that gets these kinds of reviews! I'll have more for you at the next meeting, Ansel.


  3. Those MMPBDT's are sure making you big. I had better get over to see you before too long or you will be so big you start pushing me around.

    Hope we can get a swimming lesson in soon.



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