Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meet My Friend, Dozer!

Can you believe it? Act I of Puppy Class is almost over. Next week is my last week, so I thought I'd best not wait any longer to introduce you to one of my best pals, Dozer. I forget what kind of dog he is, actually, but his personality is Laid-back...with a Capital L!!

Although, I must say, we do like to play before puppy class and work out any extra energy. Here I am practicing my assistance dog skills by taking him for a walk. He's a good sport, so he helps me out with this role-playing activity...don't worry, TBG and SWMBO didn't let me chew on his leash for long...

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  1. Amazing! I had just finished writing an email about you and here you are. Perhaps you are a psychic dog. I've been communicating with Laurel Marks at CCI North Central about being on their list of interested folks rather than the Florida list. I like to support in the area where I feel connected and because Jeb came from the NC region, that's where I feel at home.

    You and your friend Dozer look so white compared to that very green grass. Maybe you need a little suntan?

    Grandma Joyce


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