Monday, May 31, 2010

Went swim'n at the lake

Well, SWMBO and TBG have been after me to get over my fear of swimming. We headed out to the lake today.......without the boat I might add (I have GOT to drive that thing) and stopped at the boat ramp with the nice dock. TBG put on his wetsuit and headed out into the chilly water. After I stopped laughing and rolling around in the shallow water (he looked like a beached whale), Deb tossed a stick out in the water and I ventured out to get it. The big guy was out there ready to help me and I kinda just floated around for a little while.

TBG decided it was time for the inner Lab to make an entrance, so with the help of those heavenly treats, better known as Marty's magical peanut butter snacks......I headed out to the deep water. We went back and forth, from the shore to where the fat guy was treading water 5 times. I got pretty tired and called it a day.

We headed back to the house, had a bath and slept pretty much since then. I think another nap is headed my way as soon as I click "publish post"


  1. To TBG - 49 never looked so good! Yum!

  2. Ansel-
    Isn't swimming great!! I am wet as I write this!! Don't listen to Brie about staying away from water. I swim as often as I can here at home in the pool. Great exercise and very exhausting. One note though- my people are not that lovey to a wet dog. Something about it they don't like. Come over any time and try out the pool.
    CCI cousin- Benita

  3. Ansel-
    I forgot to mention that after swimming the ears need to be dry. My 'mom' always gets to mine after I swim-- not my favorite but not too bad. Hang in there. She gets to my boy's also-- I guess I am the 'example'. Just the JOBS we do!!!

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to TBG! Maybe Ansel will share some of his Marty treats with you on your special day...then again, maybe not.

  5. Who is "yumming" my big guy?


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