Saturday, July 2, 2011

Went to the movies

TBG, Deb and I went to the movies today, we saw Cars 2. As you can tell by the picture, I was MOST excited.


What a lousy movie that was! I can't even type some of the remarks TBG said about it. Suffice it to say, I give Cars 2...4 paws DOWN. I will admit that the graphics and animation was superb, but the story itself almost overcame the Pepcid, if you know what I mean.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend. Me, I'll be watching the explosive festivities from the comfort (and quiet) of my front porch. Living on top of the hills has its advantages!


  1. I heard it wasn't worth watching. We were going to go see something this weekend, but we ended up renting movies instead since there didn't look like anything good

  2. I am in denial about what will happen one month, one week and two days from now. Are there any "do-overs" or "not-quite-yets" allowed? If we MUST then I demand that ALL of the stories go too! (Like "Anonymous" is in charge of this situation....sheesh.) A book following Ansel's journey from beginning to end? A children's book? A book for those considering adoption or fostering? A fundraiser for CCI? I will take 3 copies sight unseen....


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