Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quality work at the Nursing Home Today

Another day where I introduce my buddy Lassiter to some of my peeps! We went to the nursing home this morning (after walking the "Gauntlet" at sunrise). We strolled thru all the areas and I explained the new guy to everyone. I even had Lassiter try out some skills!

and just in case you think we don't have warm weather out here...

Thankfully though, right after I took this picture, a huge storm rolled in bringing LOTS of needed rain. It also had high wind and a lot of lightning! I was very proud of Lassiter, he didn't mind it a bit. We sat out on the porch until the rain starting pelting us.

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  1. WOW - 107? Yikes... some pups like it hot! :) And, hats off to Lassiter for stepping up and showing off so early! Must mean you are a good host Ansel!


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