Sunday, July 17, 2011

VPRs Do More Before 8am...

...then most people do all day!

Has it ever been busy! Yesterday we loaded up and headed to KC. We stopped to see one of TBG's friends and then went on to see the "big dogs"...that is, Suzanne, the Puppy Program Manager and one of the other trainers were in town and led a puppy workshop. All my buds were there, including some new folks that I didn't know. I will say this...humans sure can talk!

Afterward, we all went to Putnam's pad and had a huge rumpus and celebrated the three of us getting turned in next month--me, and Raj and Chloe.

Here's the human cake--thanks Charon!

TBG and SWMBO kept a pretty close eye on me as I was the only, uh, intact pup. But, I was on my BEST behavior and just romped and played like a regular guy (well, except for the fact that I had to stop every so often to mark my territory...).

Now THIS is how puppy play time should be!

Then came SURPRISE #2! Remember that? Well, get this--Lassiter, my dear friend and fellow pup-in-training--came home with us! His VPR had a personal situation come up so he is staying with us indefinitely. Now, the ride home was a bit of a challenge, but thanks to Hosta, I learned that dogs can actually ride in the floorboard.

Hosta trained me well!

It's been a hoot having Lassiter around. The humans took us out for a 2.5 mile walk this morning with lots of training. We even introduced Lassiter to the cattle in the pasture and the coyotes calling.

Here we are after the walk.

Then we had puppy play time--all before 8am!

After puppy play time.

Can't wait to see what we'll get done before lunch!


  1. YAY, look at you doing a "buckle up". So proud! It is kinda fun on the floorboards isn't it? Hope you told your human to make the a/c run on the floorboards. Then you can stick your nose up near the a/c and have a grand ole time! WOW, Putnam has a huge back yard! I'm jealous! Look at all that room to play. And 2 pools! Oh, doggie heaven! Enjoy your time with Lassiter. We all hope Lassiter's puppy raiser's situation works itself out quickly. It will be fun for you to have a play buddy!

  2. Oh my! An indefinite puppy slumber party. What won't those humans do for the CCI group? I hope you pups will be on your best behavior and give the humans a bit of a break. They will have their hands full with the two of you!
    p.s. HAVE FUN! :)


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