Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Surprise Completed...One to Go!

Yesterday was Surprise #1...and it was a blast! KSDS pups-in-training Hosta ( and Spark ( came to my neck of the woods and we spent the day together. Hosta isn't really a pup--he's older than me! But Spark is just four months old and fearless AND tireless!

We did the in-town thing (statues, the old post office, jail, and depot) along with the stores on Main Street. Folks were friendly, as they always are, and cars stopped for us when we crossed the street. This kind of mystified and surprised the city folk!

After that we went to the house for some lunch and relaxation...only there wasn't much relaxation to be had! Next, we headed to the lake and did some dock diving and then went for a boat ride. We took turns jumping off the platform. I was going to show these guys "how it's done" but they both outshined me...especially Spark! No "introduction-to-the-water" for him. He just followed the big dogs and jumped right in and swam and swam and SWAM! We watched SWMBO ski, just to give the guys the full experience of being out in the water. Hosta didn't care, but Spark insisted he was next! He was quite hilarious--and amazing! He was like the energizer bunny and just didn't want to stop. SWMBO predicted he'd sleep for 24 hours!

OK, OK...geez! (SWMBO insists that I put this part in). Let's just say I wasn't on my best "maleness" took hold and I had to be in time out on and off throughout the play time. Geez! What is this...true confessions?

Anyway, here are some pics. And don't forget...Surprise #2 happens today!


  1. Ansel, thanks so much for letting me invade your domain. You're a pretty cool guy and I LOVED playing in the lake with you. Although I think maybe you needed a few pointers from me yesterday. :) I didn't sleep for 24 hours-yet, but I slept all the way home.

  2. Thanks for being such a great host Ansel! It was a lot of fun!

  3. What fun to see our favorite "famous" dog bloggers together! Thanks for sharing!


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