Monday, July 4, 2011

Time With My Peeps!

It's 4th of July Weekend, and I appreciate that most folks are busy with cookouts and fireworks. As a pup-in-training, my focus was a little different.

I went to the nursing home and spent time with my peeps! Here are some photos of me with a FOJ (Friend-of-Jeb) who has taken me under her wing and loves to have me practice my "laps". I am happy to oblige!

I love spending time with my peeps!


  1. OK!!!!! Sunday, March 28, 2010 "Check out my work'n duds!" has got to be the cutest photo of any assistance puppy ever taken. Hands down.

  2. ...with apologies to all other assistance puppies that may read this blog....I have my biases. Also, I never saw a photo of Jeb at that age so it was no contest from my perspective...


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