Monday, July 18, 2011

Trip to the Grocery

I decided to take my new bud Lassiter to check out some small town grocery action tonight. We loaded into the blue bomb and zipped into town (OK, TBG did the driving). Once there we donned our work'n duds and went into the air conditioning. Got to introduce Lassiter to my peeps and everyone enjoyed meeting him. They kept going on and on about how calm we were and how we just sat there getting some good rub'n!

Lassiter got some close and personal "cart" time and boy was I happy about that. I'm not a fan of walking behind those things...they block the view!

When we finished, the checker was short handed, so I grabbed Lassiter and tried to show him how to bag the groceries. Who knew that he didn't know NOT to put the heavy items on top of the bread?? ROOKIE!

Afterwards, we loaded back up into my ride and headed home. With the bags of groceries in the car, it left little room for two pups. We did our best and found a way to get situated. The humans were pretty impressed!

Finally, I showed Lassiter how to take self portraits. Not bad for his first try!

Time for a little play time and then some well deserved nap time.


  1. Lassiter just might give you some competition in the posing for the camera category Ansel! He's quite the ham!

  2. Sounds like you're a good teacher Ansel, if Lassiter is learning things so quickly. He seems to like the camera...just like you! :)


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