Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slippery floor training

I wasn't able to attend obedience class tonight due to work constraints of the humans, so TBG and I did some home training instead. After going through all of my commands, he decided that we could have some play time...mentioned something about me never being afraid of slippery surfaces or some nonsense. Anyway, he grabbed one of my favorite balls (thanks Aunt De) and we proceeded to get each other fully winded!

I'm pretty sure I never read anything about this in the Manual, being an "approved" puppy play time item, but TBG said he'd take the heat. It sure was FUN though!!

Party on Garth!

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  1. Dear Ansel....
    Not everything that is "fun" is approved in the manual. However, research shows that youngsters learn best through hands on/teeth on play. Sometimes you just have to take the risk to go outside the box and create your own learning opportunity. Party on............


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