Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lassiter: On Location

Lassiter here,

Thanks to my buddy Ansel, I now know there is a spell-check option! The following is my report for Wednesday, July 20th, 2011.

We were up at the crack of that big yellow/orange thing in the sky. Had breakfast, went out and took care of business, then took a short rest while Deb and TBG (now I know why Ansel refers to Mark that way...he's a little chunky). After they finished eating, we geared up and went for a looooong walk. I got to meet more of Ansel's friends. The cows were already milling around near the fence, then we came upon these two GIANT animals. Ansel said they were called horses; I just called them Gigantors!

Here's a couple shots of us checking out the big guys (hey...kinda like TBG).

Say, Chief...can I go for a ride?

Seriously, can I??

After meeting the horses, we headed back and spent the day working on being quiet and staying in my "downs". I think I'm getting better about not springing to action quite so quickly!

After dinner tonight, Ansel and I were run through our commands and TBG said something about working on "lap". It took a little while to catch on, but once he broke out those high-value cheese sticks, I was all over that command!

Then we worked on "jump" and "off". I think I did pretty good with those!

Enough for today, see you next time!

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