Sunday, April 11, 2010


Geez...I thought Sunday was a day of rest. I'm still tired out from my day with Belle yesterday (did I mention how much fun that was?) but there is no rest for the wicked (look for THAT photo later--CP is sending it!)

So, I got to stay outside in my portable crate and watch Deb rake and mow Ansel-Land; then I watched Mark use the power tools again to create a safe carrying system for my crate in the "Blue Bomb" (I guess that's a car). Who knew I could make life so complicated?

THEN I took a ride out to the lake so Mark could take the Mustang out of winter hibernation. Unfortunately, Deb and I had to ride in the Blue Bomb. It would be embarrassing to ride in my crate in the Stang anyhow...I told Mark I need my own helmet so I can take it out for a spin next time Belle is over!

Walked out on the boat dock and it didn't bother me, even though it's just a long grate with water underneath. I was awfully interested in the boat noise and the wake and wanted to jump in, but then Deb distracted me with a kibble...Mark and I had our picture taken; I think we both look ready for summer! It's NAPTIME--BIGTIME!

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