Saturday, April 24, 2010

Puppy Massage!

Turned four months old yesterday...happy birthday to me! Weighed in at 32 lbs this morning. Keep packing it on to the tune of 2lbs per week!

It finally stopped raining, so we were able to get out for a walk today. Good thing, too, 'cause I had lots o' energy to burn. We stopped to say hello to the horse in the pasture across the way. Boy, was he huge! And flighty! I don't know what he was so nervous about--like I said, I only weigh 32 lbs to his hundreds! Then, the cattle got delivered. Talk about sensory overload...sights, sounds, people, cattle, big trucks...but the big guy (TBG) asked me to sit, so I did. No biggie, really.

The big guy's old, BTW...did I mention that? So he decided he needed a massage to help him move around a bit better. Thing is, his brother owns BodyFirst in Manhattan. So, the big guy called him up and asked if I could come too...kinda like visiting his house, since he spends so much time there! I wore my cape, and I had my halti on the whole time too.

TBG went back to get his massage, and I stayed up front with Deb. I was able to practice my down, and I met some people, too. One lady was super nice and got down on the floor with me. She gave me a puppy massage! I fell instantly in love, and just snuggled up with her as long as I could. Deb said I did great! But boy, was I tired all afternoon. I actually went and curled up all by myself in the kennel. Wonder what's on tap for tomorrow?


  1. Ansel, you look very dignified. So glad you're having fun times. Your trainer/companions both look very happy - thanks for including them in your pix.

  2. Debbie looks great but TBG looks like he has a doofus smile on his face. You however, look very professional in your cape and halti.
    Grandma Joyce


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