Saturday, April 17, 2010

Follow up to Ansel's earlier mention of......

In an earlier post, Ansel mentioned that there was "no rest for the wicked". Well, I'm posting this so everyone knows what he was talking about.

Seems that most nights from 6pm to 8pm (the Hyde hours) Ansel (aka Dr. Jekyll) disappears and Mr.Hyde shows up. I know that most of you think he's all cute and cuddly, but I'm here to set the record straight. Thanks to CP, we have proof of the evil Mr.Hyde!


  1. OH MY....he DOES look a bit......WICKED!!! We each have our "shadow side" but I never expected Ansel's to be so dramatic. You'll just have to love him out of conquers all, they say. :)

  2. That cannot possibly be the same dog! Look how pointed his ears are!!! That must be some evil dog from hell. How did he get in your house and what has he done with Ansel???

  3. Now thats a Hell Hound!

    Scrappy Doo

  4. Yikes! Cujo offspring?

  5. Yikes is right! I'm glad there were no small children around. Good luck with that wild thing!!


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