Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My first puppy class

We went for a nice long ride today and attended my first puppy training class at the Manhattan Kennel Club. Boy, was that fun!! I got to meet 4 other puppies; Cody, Phinn, Dozer and Fletcher. I had some great playtime and a bunch of work too.

I'm pretty tired, but before I go, I must share this; I met another service dog, a GIANT, 4 yr old Great Pyrenees....he's my "new" friend! He and his handler were exceptionally kind and didn't mind me at all.


  1. Look how alert and attentive you look - just like a well-trained service dog! The poor giant looks a tad pooped - what did you do to him?

  2. I'm looking at training a GP (Great Pyrenees) to be a service dog, too! Any advice your friend gave you about that breed? (they can be a bit stubborn sometimes)...and don't you look like a doll! Such a good boy!

  3. No advice, sorry. We did notice that he was quite stubborn as noted!


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