Saturday, April 17, 2010

So Much To Say...So Little Time to Post!

Let's see...what chapter is this? I think we're behind!

Went to meet all my CCI buds on Thursday night. Donner, Santiago, Rona, and Rigby are all headed for turn-in next month. I have a lot to aspire to...and look forward to! They all got a ton of presents, and we got to eat cake too (well, the humans did). I also saw Cassio and Lion. We talked business, which was kinda boring, but I didn't do my business there (if you know what I mean) so I made Deb and Mark happy. That's a good thing!

Saturday we took some time and made all these stops in town. I went to the park and met some kids. Deb explained that I was in training, and the boys were very happy to help out by riding their bikes around me in a circle. I didn't really care, although the bikes were cool-lookin'!

Then we went to the swings, and that was a little more fun--I had to work a little harder at staying calm. We said good-bye and thanks to the boys and then headed to the playground equipment where I practiced on some stairs and on the bridge. Mark and Deb thought it might be a challenge because the stairs and bridge had holes in them...but what do they know?

What I mean is, they also took me to two different places in town just to practice stairs--the post office no less--but I didn't see what the big deal was. I just hopped right up and down them like a bunny rabbit! (However, I will say that while I have mastered going down the abyss--that's what I call the stairs at home--I have yet to master going up--so maybe--just maybe--they have a point. But, don't tell them...)

Next, (I told you I had a lot to say) we saw some bikers with their helmets on. Geez! It was almost embarrassing to be with Deb...she just went right up to those nice people and asked if we could meet them! At least she explained what it was all about. They were very gracious, in any event.

Chapter 212...we made a stop at the ball field where some kids were playing an "official" game. It wasn't too crowded, and Deb and Mark thought the game might be some good socialization time. Well, I like to watch, I guess, but I was really more interested to see if I could find a wood chip on the ground. I love those things! We met some folks there too, and Deb was explaining about me again. Gosh. I hope I can live up to all those high expectations!

In conclusion...we made one last stop...because Mark couldn't resist...had to get a picture of me in front of the tank! Too cool! And, the big guy says I don't need a helmet to drive this baby!


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