Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm In a Contest! Cool!

You know, ever since I arrived, I've heard Mark and Deb go back and forth, back and forth....WWCD?, they'd say, after I licked the dishwasher or ate something off of the floor or pretended like I was a greyhound running laps around the kitchen island. I didn't get it, but really, I didn't care! I mean, what's better than PB in a Kong? Who has the time or energy to try to figure out human behavior?

But last Sunday, Deb got all excited and sat at her computer for a while..."writing Ansel's story," she said. Then, next thing I know, she's in her CCI shirt and I'm in my workin' duds and we're outside taking pictures! I mean really! The wind was blowing like 30 mph! The big guy was disgusted with the whole endeavor, but you know, he's like me...kinda laid back, usually...and finally I guess he got a shot he liked because we were able to come back inside and I got to take a nap while Deb did something called "uploading".

Well, to make this looong story short (finally), I guess I'm entered in The Great American Dog Adventure with Cesar Millan (the C in WWCD)! Here is what it says on their web site: "Enter to win a weekend getaway to San Diego, where you and your dog will join Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and other fans for an action-packed weekend, including a 50-dog Pack Walk, a Cesar Millan LIVE event, a private book signing, dinner with Cesar, and much more!"


See my story HERE.

Deb says she hopes ALL of the CCI volunteer puppy raisers who believe in Cesar's philosophy and use his techniques enter the contest! We ALL have inspiring stories to share!

See more fun photos of K-State for All! here:

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  1. Awesome! What touches me, more than anything, is that you are opening your heart to another dog. It doesn't matter whether you make the "dog whisperer" or whether Ansel reaches any predetermined benchmark. You are giving yourself to the process and this pup is the beneficiary of the love you learned from Jeb. Keep going!!!


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