Friday, April 2, 2010

Shout out to my Kansas City CCI buddies!

Who knew how much fun a Wubba could be!

We just came back in (out of the wind) after playing outside with my new toy that my CCI buds in KC gave me. This is the best Kong yet. The big guy (and even Deb) was tossing it for me so I could "Fly" up & down the ramp. You'll notice that I got some major air time in the second pic. Big guy says that's what it's all about!!!!!


  1. What's a Wubba?

  2. For you non-canines......a "wubba" is that blue toy I'm carrying. I was told to chew that instead of 1966 Mustang parts, whatever those are.

  3. Dearest Ansel,

    I highly recommend that you steer clear of anything that the big guy calls Mustang parts if you want to keep flyin'! It's a good thing you have such large ears as you got some big air there on the ramp! Keep on "wubba-ing" and posing for pictures!


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