Saturday, June 18, 2011

WOW!! What a day

Washunga Days in Council Grove....parade, playtime, lunch, and an hour-long demo!

Words cannot express the amount of action today; you just had to be there! We were up by 6am and in town by 8:30am. TBG's good friend let us borrow his big van so we could haul all the dogs and humans together. First on the agenda was parking the van at the end of the parade route so we wouldn't have to walk back. We then stopped at a small park close to the parade starting point and waited for the rest of my gang to arrive.

TBG headed out to meet Chloe, Lassiter and the new pups; Orella and Clark. The humans decided it would be best for the young pups to abstain from the parade and they got to hang out with my most favorite Doc at the Vet Clinic.

Once the pups were taken care of, we all gathered at our spot for the parade. Talk about distractions....we had goats, horses, fire trucks, antique cars, mini motorcycles, floats of all kinds and wait for it...a Corndog!

Here are some pics. I call this a "Dual-A-Corn"

How come he gets to eat before the parade??

And you probably thought I was joking about the Corndog huh?

Here we are at the start of the parade

Our figure 8 drill

Here's Winslow hogging the limelight!

We finished up the parade and headed out to my house for a little R&R. Well, we did get some puppy playtime in first!! It sure was HOT today.

Nap Time! Clark wasn't quite ready to nap, but the rest of us were!

After our rest (and the humans' lunch), we went back into Council Grove for a demo/presentation in the middle of town.

Deb and I went first and had the crowd RIVETED!

Winslow went next and WOW'd them with advanced commands!

Then it was Putnam's turn and he showed the crowd how the "Gentle Leader" works

Me and Winslow did a little tag team presenting

Last pup up was Raj. He got to do some very special work today and made a new friend in the process. Raj really wanted to go home with him, but Linda and Debbie said he was not quite ready...maybe some day.

Lastly, Winslow and I each took turns with our new friend. wrap up the day, I had a blast with my buddies from Kansas City, had lots of fun meeting new people and being in the parade and hopefully we passed on some good information about who we are and what we love to do. Who knows, maybe someone in the crowd today will one day have a relative of mine as a forever companion...wouldn't that be grand!


  1. Jarrett had a wonderful time meeting
    Raj and his frineds! Thank you for the opportunity! The Lipperts

  2. I thought that was my buddy Jarrett! Ethan wishes he could have been there, too. It looks like it was lots of fun!

  3. Oh wow - that looks like a super great time! So many distractions and fun peoples to meet! So cool. And, what a great demo dog you were! Showing off for everyone! Three cheers for team CCI! And yay for Putnam (gotta give a shout out to another red doggie!)


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