Thursday, June 2, 2011

TBG turned 50 yesterday!

I knew he was old, but never dreamed he was THAT OLD!!

Deb and I met up with him and his friends yesterday at the track (Heartland Park Topeka). He was there with his Mustang for some road course fun.

Here I am trying to mind meld with him to go faster!

He came in for a break and I thought it was my turn to go out, but TBG's friend Dean muscled his way into the passenger seat. Next time.....

Deb and I left the track and went to pick up the food and cake. We got back and totally surprised The Big Guy! I barked out over the intercom that we were having a party and everyone was invited. The corner workers, EMTs and other track workers all came in along with the drivers. Friends and family showed up too. I was especially happy to see Raj and his peeps show up--all the way from KC! People who couldn't make it were given the "suggestion" to call, text or email TBG between 5-7pm. His phone was busy! We all wished TBG a happy 50th.

Here are a couple of his gifts.

M&M's with his goofy mug printed on them

A couple Gator items from Jeb's buddy Kodiak. I am soo gonna use that scratcher!

and here's a shot of TBG talking to his friend Arnd as he was calling from Germany!!

The "OLD" guy was pretty happy and I think Deb and I did a great job planning and implementing the party.

and for those that are gearheads as well as dog lovers, here's some in-car video of "grandpa" out on the track.


  1. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Mark! Looks like it was an awesome one.

  2. Lots of love to the whole family. Don't worry about 50, Mark, it's nifty!

    Your sixty year old Oregon buddy.....


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