Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another fun day at the lake!

The big parade is over so I thought I needed some fun time. I convinced TBG and Deb to go to the lake today. Have I mentioned how much fun swimming is??

Deb went skiing first and that was fun to watch. I sat next to TBG and watched her go back and forth across the wake...she's pretty good at that!

Then we went to a calmer spot away from the other boaters so we could swim. There is nothing finer than to be on the water with a full can of tennis balls!

Here are some pics.

Me and the old man

Me chasing the tennis ball

Who doesn't love a wet dog?

After all the fun, I told Deb I needed to "hurry". They tried to get me to do that in the water, but I was...Hey, I'm not doing that where I swim! So Deb and I went to shore to take care of business. Sadly, Deb slipped on a rock, uhhh BOULDER and busted up her shin. We made it back to the boat and TBG applied some first aid and all was well.

Here are some videos that Deb took of me and Mark playing in the water. By the end, both of us were wore out. TBG was pretty funny when he couldn't get back on the boat!!


  1. Hi there, THis is Caite from Fort Riley Kansas. You gave me a card at an Expo we had a few months back. WE are getting ready to have another event and I wanted to put you on the contact list, but I need a good email address. Cna you sne dme your contact information please? Caite Kendrick


  2. I like the Videos !!! Deb, get well Sion with your leg

  3. Hi there, this is Anonymous from out West. It is really fun to see you two jumping in and hauling yourselves out of the water. Out on the West coast we had a good laugh about that....mostly because we haven't had weather warm enough to get in to water ourselves before today. We'll be laughable ourselves before long!

  4. Oh yikes - hope your mom heels quickly from her wound. Hosta can't wait till it's his turn to get to goof off with you in the water!


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