Friday, June 17, 2011

June CCI chapter meeting

Had our monthly meeting in Kansas City last night and after the humans finished eating and talking, we got down to the "real" business. We headed outside and had our final "precision drill team" practice before the big parade in Council Grove Saturday.

The humans were pretty confused at the start, but Chloe straightened them out and we finally started to look competent!

I had our official "photographer" (TBG) take a few pics of the practice.

Here's our group "sit"

Group "shake"

Lassiter mugging for the camera!

Lassiter and Raj at the lead

Chloe Putnam and Moi'

Raj showing off with a "bow" (TBG, why do I not know this one?....Hmmmmmm??)

Our figure 8

We were told that we looked really good (once we got the humans up to speed!) Can't wait for Saturday!!

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