Saturday, June 11, 2011

More work

Spent the day Friday at K-State again. Deb had a 2 hr long meeting where I was expected to stay in an "under". Needless to say, I was as quiet as a mouse on a cold winter's night! Deb was quite happy with me and as soon as we got home I got to stretch the ole' legs chasing tennis balls. I just love those little yellow critters!

Got up this morning and we went into town (Council Grove) to make our plans for the big parade next Saturday at Washunga Days. We got our meeting places all figured out and mapped for the KC folks and then took a break at the new coffee house downtown. I didn't get a donut, but I did get a nice cool drink of water.

Afterwards we stopped at the Bank, the "Boutique" and the Dollar Store, then headed back home. Fun day today!

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