Friday, May 13, 2011

Went to K-State today

Went to work with Deb today. Graduations are today, so it was a hopping place. Nothing new to report so I didn't break out the ole' Kodachrome!

Yesterday was a different story though...kind of. We went into town last night for dinner. Well, THEY had dinner while I laid on the floor. Seriously, when are they going to invite me to the table? I'm hungry too you know! It's always "down" "under" "good boy". You'd think just once I'd hear "table" or "scraps". I get no respect around here!

After dinner we stopped at the grocery and the Son of Flubber (TBG) worked me some more, walking next to the cart. I must say I rocked it last night. Even had TBG gawking! Got to see some of Deb's friends and received some very good ear scratching.

We headed on home and since the County is doing some bridge repair, we have to take a detour on some lesser traveled roads (didn't think there were roads LESS traveled than to our house) and came across some miniature Donkeys. Here are a couple pics that Dough Boy took.

A young pup like me!

and the proud Papa

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