Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Know! I Need Perspective! Still!

I understand that I have absolutely no credibility for the rant that is to follow--given what has happened to our neighbors in Reading and Joplin. I am one lucky dog. I KNOW! Still, in my world, this was not exactly a fun day. Educational, certainly, but

So, I went to KSU with SWMBO today. Did I mention I woke up to rain? Did I mention that it was raining when I got out of the car? Did I mention that it was raining at about a Level 6 on a 1-10 scale?

Then, we walked to a neighboring building for a meeting. Still Rain at Level 6. walked back--Level 6.

Next, next! You will not believe this! SWMBO decides today is a great "training opportunity" and so we walked to Aggieville for a lunchtime meeting. Did I mention that it is now Level 7 Rain? So we are both soaking wet and I am given this little tiny space at a two-seater table with its feet sticking out everywhere and no place to go. SWMBO actually had to "back" me in as the space was too tight for me to do an under or a turn. I was there for TWO HOURS as SWMBO and her colleague "did business". Huh! Looked to me like SWMBO was getting too much enjoyment from her cup of hot chocolate to really call this work...but I digress!

We walk back--still Rain at Level 7--and, well, when you gotta go, you gotta go. So there we are, SWMBO and I, me soaking wet with beads of water rolling off my vest, and SWMBO trying to manage the backpack, the umbrella (that kept turning inside out) and me...and now clean-up duties right on Manhattan Ave!! Huh! SWMBO kept muttering something about "great ideas" and "TBG's dog" and "is it August yet?"

So, gentle reader, you would think this would be it, right? BUT NO! We get back to Justin Hall, attempt to dry off, collect a few things, and now we're off to another meeting at the College of Vet Med! Did I mention it is now Level 8 rain? Sheets-of-rain-rain? SWMBO just looked out the window before we left and laughed and laughed.

We arrived at the meeting literally soaked through. SWMBO had used up both of her towels that they keep in the backpack for me trying to dry me off, so she took me into the locker room and used paper hand towels on me to soak up the wet! Her plan was to have me lay on her coat during the meeting, but it ended up that her host colleague wouldn't hear of it!

AND! AND! Barstow was at the meeting and popped in---dry as could be! No traipsing across campus for him!

SWMBO tried to capture how wet I really was with the camera. The pictures don't do me justice-I'll tell ya THAT!

Oh, the life of an ADIT!


  1. Your humans have their ideas about how to make you the best you can be Ansel. Buck up, shake off, and keep following the commands of SWMBO and TBG!

    Love of your "gentle readers"


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