Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No rest for the weary!

Yesterday I went to work with Deb at K-State. Got to see lots of friends, had some great rub'n and scratch'n and also had to perform commands by multiple people. It was a long day, but at the end of the day I was treated to a trip to Hy-Vee. Deb and I strolled in and headed back to the meat dept. What a wonderful array of fantastic smells! There was steak and bacon.....ahhhhhh, BACON! As I was about to place my order, Deb says "Let's Go" and we walk on by. Come on, what do you mean I can't have any bacon? Sadly we continued on without any of that delicious meat.

We went back out to the car and headed home. All I could think of on the trip home was how nice it was going to be to relax for the rest of the evening and watch the "Dog Whisperer".


The house was merely a stopping point. We reloaded and headed out to obedience class! More listening, more watching, more training. We arrived at class and did the usual work. It's lots of fun, but very tiring. The best part was meeting a new friend. He was very interested in me and wanted to do some training, so I happily obliged!

Here we are working on "Sit"

Here we are working on my soft mouth

Lastly, I thought I'd post a pic of our class instructor...good look'n dog don't you think!

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