Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ansel was by himself today

We had a lot of outdoor work to do today that involved removing old bushes, planting new ones and re-sealing the wrap around decks. Since we didn't want Ansel around the sealer, we thought it would be a great idea to leave him in the house all day, but not in his crate.

We had the windows open till it got hot, then closed them up and flipped on the AC later in the day. We kept a close eye on the little man, trying to be as sneaky as possible so as not to alert him to our presence. Amazingly enough, he was very well behaved all day. Everytime we would check on him, he would just be sitting...watching or crashed out somewhere in the house. We were quite impressed with him today, he's actually starting to act more like an adult than a puppy.

Sniff, sniff...our little puppy is growing up!

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