Sunday, May 15, 2011

Culture, Baby, Yea, I Got IT!

Master Ansel here, reporting to you live from abroad! Just now aboard the Concorde on my way home; decided to spend the weekend perusing some ancients sites and culture. Wish I could say the food was fabulous, but we brought along my kibble as my inner workings are quite sensitive, you know. Had a fantastic time! Here's a picture from the plane window!

SWMBO, I do not have to...What? OK, OK! So, maybe I wasn't really there this weekend. BUT, I did receive international correspondence (Uh, OK! A postcard! Geez!) from there. And, if you don't believe me, here's the proof!

(I really like being called Master Ansel The Third. Beats out 'SWMBO' or 'TBG' for a nickname, I'll tell you!)

Well, after all that excitement, my weekend seems pretty tame. Anyway, I did go for a hike.

I also went to the nursing home. "Red" was one of Jeb's friends too. I understand she often tried to corrupt him by romping with him and encouraging dog-like behavior while he was at work. Red tried those same tricks on me today, and all I could say was... "I'm IN!"

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