Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I rode public transportation today!

TBG (the big guy) called up the Council Grove Senior Center and set up an appointment for me to ride the bus around for a couple hours.

We went in and met Peggy, who was quite excited to meet me. I got to meet a few other new people and then my driver for the day, Gary, arrived with my wheels!

I got to ride the wheelchair lift into the bus. That was a little scary, but I powered through it. Once onboard, TBG had me do an "under" so I would be out of the way of other passengers. You should've seen his face when I went all the way under the seat. I do enjoy surprising him!

Met a few more people along the way and got to tell them all about me and my Kansas City buds. I think they were impressed with how well I was behaving.

During one of our rest stops I tried to order a drink. TBG started laughing and told me to sit and wait.

We headed back out for the last pickup of the day, so I thought I'd take a couple pics of the bus.

I thought I'd drive the bus on the last leg, but alas....TBG shot that one down again. I've driven the tractor and the boat, how much harder is it to drive a bus??? I guess I'll never know.

I'd like to thank Peggy and Gary at the Senior Center and all the folks I met along the way today. I had a great time and hope to see you all again.

Ansel out

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    You rock Ansel! I love the way you "got down" and did your job....bringing joy and preparing to assist others. Jeb would be proud of you, pup!


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