Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I ROCKED the joint tonight!!

The big guy (TBG), Deb and I were asked to talk about Canine Companions for Independence tonight at the regular meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Manhattan, Kansas.

WOW, what a great time we had! I got to meet lots of new folks, worked on my commands in a distracting environment and got to show off a little too. Deb gave another great presentation about CCI and me. I was at the top of my game and TBG...well, he just sat there eating (as usual).

I'd really like to thank my new buddies Hunter and Ed. They got the extra special Ansel treatment tonight.

Here's me and Ed practicing my "shake" command. Don't pay any attention to my tongue meeting his hand.

Here's a couple pics of me and Hunter working on "Lap" and "Visit"

And finally, TBG snapped this one while I was napping under the table. TBG was eating...Again!

I just want to thank everyone at the Kiwanis Club for a great evening and being so kind!

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