Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spots Not Required...

I had the coolest day! I mean, the coolest day EVER! Did I mention that today was cool?

SWMBO and I went to work today, but NOT on campus! We were 'in the field.' It was so cool! Did I mention that?

Anyway, she was meeting some folks at Fire Station 315, AND I GOT TO GO! SWMBO asked if it would be alright, and they said yes. They even said that it was ok that I didn't have spots!

I was mahvelous (think Billy Crystal...but are you are old enough to get it?). No, I really was mahvelous. SWMBO even said so. I did all my commands, except I didn't want to jump up onto the fire truck's front bumper. It was a little high and a little narrow, so I had some help. And THEN, I got to sit next to a real volunteer fire fighter (VFF)! It was so cool! He and I even climbed into the back part of the truck. I wouldn't do it for SWMBO, but the VFF was so cool, that when HE got back there, well...I just had to! I jumped right up those two stairs, like I was a real VFD (Volunteer Fire Dog).

He showed us all of their gear, too. He said when I graduated, I could move up from Assistant Chief to Chief! Cool!

What a great day. Thanks to my buds out there at 315. This is Ansel signing out. Off. Roger. 10-4. Ah, yea!


  1. Dembre hasn't gotten to visit the fire station yet, but I think it's a great thing to introduce the dogs to!

  2. We love our visits to the fire station! WAY cool outing and way cool pictures!


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