Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Assistance Dog Exhibition at K-State, Deb’s perspective

Yesterday was the big event and only one of several during K-State for All! (Disability Awareness) Week. CCI and KSDS shared the stage, with Dr. Elmore, Associate Dean of the Vet Med School providing opening remarks. As a special note, Jeb’s puppy raiser opened and closed the CCI portion of the presentation.

It was a whirlwind of activity for me, hosting both Channel 13 and Channel 49 (check out the 49 coverage here: as well as talking to The Collegian (see the article:, not to mention coordinating speakers, working through technological glitches, etc. All fun, all the time, and for a very worthwhile activity! I have so many folks I need to thank for making it a success, including Mark and Ansel…I understand that they were there :<) !!

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  1. You did awesome - I loved how organized it all was! And, YAY Hosta made it on TV at the end of that segment! SWEEEET! Thanks for sharing! We are so looking forward to next year!


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