Sunday, March 6, 2011


SWMBO (She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed) and I went out toolin' without TBG (he says he is working on his Mustang Fastback but it sounds like it is really a practice session for the annunciation of cusswords with a variety of tone, pitch and volume...but I digress).

Anywho, we made a stop at the nursing home this morning and saw quite a few friends. They all want to know how I am "coming along"...what am I, a summer garden? SWMBO's answer, for those of you who are interested (I am not; I know that I am "coming along" just fine, thank you) is that "there are days of brilliance, and then there are days of daftness..." HUH!

After our tour, we got into the blue bomb and headed for a place called "Wallyworld". It was filled to the brim with carts, people, little people, interesting smells, yellow-smiley-faces, and then there toy heaven!

Yes, I managed to wrangle a new one out of SWMBO. I gave her my best furrowed brow look and it just melted her! (I actually think it was a bribe so that I would have one of my brilliant days on Tuesday and not one of my daft ones...but hey, whatever works, right?)

Come by or tune in to the Assistance Dog Exhibition on Tuesday!

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