Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Assistance Dog Exhibition at K-State, Ansel’s perspective

Sorry it took so long to post about yesterday. I wanted to wait till we had some pictures. As usual, my good buddy CP delivered with event photos! I should have lots more to post when the full disc arrives…Thanks CP; you’re the best.

What a spectacular day it was. Got to the college around 10am, TBG and I went for a short walk to take care of business and then we went inside the Student Union. Once inside we met up with Deb and TONS of other people. I got to meet all of the staff and helpers before anyone else arrived, lucky me!

All of my CCI buds arrived shortly after and let me tell you, it was good to see them. No little pups left, as we’re all growing up. Good thing, cause the real young pups usually steal the show and that leaves the older dogs wagging in the wind. All of the KSDS pups, trainers and graduates arrived and we had more than enough quality sniffing material floating around in the air. I’ll tell you this; my nose got a workout yesterday!

We all hung out near the main entrance to the Union and got to meet and greet people as the walked by. We all did our best to look smart and behave; I think I did a pretty good job especially when the TV cameras and reporters were around. I got to meet some of my blog fans that traveled all the way from Salina (shoutout to my buddy “E”) and also some from Kansas City. I really enjoyed the time that the young college girl spent petting me. She said she was missing her own dogs, so I obliged my soft fur coat for some therapeutic rubb’n!

After the meet-n-greet, we all headed into Forum Hall for the big presentation. We got to hear from the Associate Dean of the Vet Med School on campus, and then the CCI crowd got up and spoke. After that the KSDS group got to speak and let me tell you, James and Schwan stole the show!! The KSDS folks also had a guide dog there, May, and her handler Dolores-- that’s the first time I’ve seen one of those kind of teams. They are like the Top Dogs of the service world. TBG and I sat next to a young couple that were interested in becoming puppy raisers. TBG gave them all the info so they could look into that. We can always use new puppy raisers.

After the presentation, we all headed over to Salsarita’s for lunch where us pups got to take a little siesta while the humans ate. It was nice just relaxing after such a busy day. The humans finished up lunch and they decided to go upstairs and get some of the world famous Call Hall ice cream that is made on campus. I did my best to sneak a scoop of TBG’s peanut butter and chocolate nut ice cream, but he seemed to be cranky and was having none of that!

We all decided it was time to head home, so we said our goodbyes and headed out to the cars. I napped all the way home and pretty much the rest of the night, waking up only to eat dinner.

All in all, it was a fantastic day, met lots of new people and pups and had loads of fun. Maybe we could make this a monthly event!!

Did I mention that I rocked the day!


  1. You did rock the day Ansel!!! And a good rockin' it was!

  2. What a great time! As a KSDS puppyraiser, gotta cheer for KSDS but you guys are one good looking group! Looks like it was a great time ;)

  3. Hilarious! I am crushed i missed the first part of the show. i was told the dogs were arriving at noon so i lost out on all the funny parts! (see, Assume Nothing, and get the facts first...)
    Ansel, you are my favorite.


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