Friday, April 1, 2011

Call me.....Smokey the Fire Dog

I'm sure you remember my post awhile back about going to the fire station and being made honorary assistant fire chief right? Well, this evening I got to use my newfound skills!

It's burn season on the Prairie and I was right in the thick of things. Me, fire, drip torches and 4, I was in dog heaven! I managed to take a few pictures as the back fires were lit and the massive burns were started.

I was glad to lend a paw tonight and it was way more fun being at the burns instead of watching them from afar like last year when I was just a little pup! Sorry about the large pics, I borrowed TBG's phone...(don't tell him I had it).

Smokey signing off.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder where the dog gets these wild stories. He was actually in a car, with the windows up no less. Riding around on a four wheeler lighting fires is about as far fetched as him driving the tractor.

    He does have a vivid imagination, I'll give him that!


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