Saturday, April 16, 2011

Human-Animal Bond Fair at K-State

Ok, so please bear with me here. I'm dog tired today and it's all I can do to type out my story.

We had a GREAT day at K-State today. My fellow CCI buds from Kansas City came to my neck of the woods again to show off our "people" skills. Chloe, Raj and Lassiter were there along with the "big" dogs; Benita and Winslow. Putnam was not able to be here due to it being tax time. He called and said something about his human needing extra toes for counting purposes!

We met lots of people, got some good rubb'n and took in a few rays while everyone ate Call Hall ice cream. Sadly TBG's camera messed up and most of the pics came out blurry, so if anyone has good pics of today's event, please forward to me for posting.

Here are a couple of the least blurry pics.

Raj check'n out the danc'n Retriever!!

Here's a blury pic of the group after Deb's Jeb presentation.

A great day with my buddies, but now it's time to go back to napping. After being stagnate for 2 weeks due to the humans being sick, I'm outta shape!

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