Friday, April 22, 2011

Chapter meeting in Kansas City

We had our monthly get together last night. Always good to see my buds and get some quality practice time in!

We are going to be in the Washunga Day parade in Council Grove, so we thought it would be a good idea to work on our drill skilzs!

Nice unison turns and downs

Then we worked on other skills

TBG caught me trying to smooch Aunt Linda!

You can see Winslow giving Sally some training advice

Winslow showing us pups how to walk ourselves....showoff!!

Who doesn't love a cute puppy face? Putnam is such a people person.


  1. Looks pretty much like NC training center classes except that there are fewer people. We're looking forward to meeting you guys at turn-in.

  2. Did someone say TURN-IN????? Does this mean what I think it means and when will it happen? Oh my.....this will be so very hard (at least for me and I live far, far away).

  3. Ah, turn-in....aka Canine College! My peeps will drive me to Columbus, Ohio for the August 13 graduation. During that ceremony, all of us turn-in pups and our VPRs get to come up on stage in our fancy turn-in ribbons. They introduce us and have a slideshow of our journeys. After the ceremony, SWMBO and TBG will have to leave me at the dorm (CCI kennel) and drive away...

  4. Alrighty then.....4 months and then the "graduation" that all have known about from the beginning and been preparing for all along. It reminds me of taking our daugher to the University and leaving her at the dorm and driving back home without her.....
    Probably one of the hardest days of our lives...and yet one of the proudest.


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